Do you remember Home Information Packs? They were scrapped in 2010. How time flies.

Homeowners putting a property on the market now only have to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate which would normally be arranged by their estate agent.

Moving home has however become more complicated over the years partly because of the regulations that have been put in place in relation to having works carried out at your property. It is sensible to ensure that you have all of the paperwork that your buyer’s solicitor will require in relation to your property as it is placed on the market. If you do this then you avoid unnecessary delays when a buyer is found and you also avoid unnecessary enquiries from your buyer’s solicitors.

At Dixon Stewart we are committed to helping you move home quickly and at a fair cost. To enable this to happen we will be pleased to obtain your deeds and check them with you before or during the marketing of your property. We will also advise you as to whether you have all the necessary planning permissions or building regulation consents for any works that you have had carried out at your property. Nowadays building regulation compliance is required for many works that you have carried out at your property including new windows, some new doors, electrical work and work on your gas boiler or central heating system.

In addition to the above we will provide you with a fixed quotation of all the costs and expenses that will be incurred in dealing with the legal aspects of your move. This is important because at many organisations there are hidden extras for which an additional charge will be made – for example some organisations charge extra for filling in the land transaction return for you if you have to pay stamp duty on your purchase; or extra for arranging indemnity insurance in the event of you not having the building regulation documentation for your property. At Dixon Stewart there are no hidden extras.

If you are thinking of moving then please contact Paul Moores on 01425 673994 or Helen Stewart on 01425 279222 or e mail for a free consultation on the above or for a fixed quotation in relation to your move. Mention this article when replying.