Equity Release

Equity release is the term given to releasing some of the capital within your home.  The equity is the difference between what your home is worth and how much you owe on it by way of mortgage.

Equity release is now universally available to homeowners over a certain age (usually 55 years) and you can use it to give yourself a tax free lump sum.  It is a specialist area of law and finance and it is essential that the homeowner seeks advice from someone with the relevant experience.  If you are thinking about equity release, whether it be to release capital to supplement your income, to help your children or grandchildren, to repay debts,  or to fund large expenditure, medical fees or nursing home care, then speak to us first.

We are able to offer advice on the types of schemes available, the safeguards available to you and the other options that are available before you proceed down the equity release route. In this way we make sure you enjoy your retirement to the full.  Advice is given in your own home if needed with no obligation on you to proceed.